June 11th, 2012

API Analytics Tech Talk Tuesday

API AnalyticsGet your API analytics questions ready! Tech Talk is coming up tomorrow, Tuesday June 12 – it’s live it’s interactive and CTO Scott Morrison will be our guest. Tweet questions to #layer7live.

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If you publish an API, you need a way to measure and understand how that API functions. You need a way to manage it. You need a way to measure it. APIs are becoming an essential part of the Internet and more enterprises are opening up their APIs to third-party developers.

Of course, API security is always a concern but if you publish an API, you also need to measure how it functions – what metrics are you concerned with? Are there any API errors my application is seeing? How does my API usually perform and is that changing? Is it slowing down or are there latency issues caused by using a proxy?

Key metrics API publishers need to consider include: errors, performance, availability, latency and response time. And with the Layer 7 API Portal, these metrics can be graphed and filtered by user, developer and API.

So be sure to join us tomorrow at 9am PDT when Layer 7 CTO Scott Morrison will take live questions from the stream. It’s a great chance to have your API analytics questions answered.

How to Attend:

Just visit the Layer 7 Facebook page at 9am PDT on June 12 and click the Livestream icon.

Don’t have Facebook? Simply click here to watch directly through Livestream.

How to Submit Questions:

On Facebook

•    Click on the Livestream PLAY button to join the stream
•    Click the red “Check in & Chat” button to submit questions

On Twitter
•    Tweet questions with the hashtag #layer7live

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