September 9th, 2011

Accelerating Security & Governance with SOA

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This week I gave a talk at ITP’s SOA, BPM & Integration Forum in Zurich, a one-day conference with analyst presentations, customer case studies and one-to-one sessions.My talk, called “Accelerating Security & Governance with SOA”, had two main aims:

  • To provide an overview of how and why many organizations are accelerating the design and deployment of SOA security and governance environments
  • To discuss (and hopefully provide answers to) questions arising from this acceleration

To give you an idea of the ground I covered in my presentation, here’s a link to the slide deck I used. I’d also like to take a moment here to explain why I believe the acceleration of SOA security and governance programs is an important issue that demands our attention at this time.

First of all, SOA is continuing to expand throughout organizations, across organizational boundaries and into the Cloud. Organisations are reacting as dynamically as they can to the integration challenges this creates. At the same time, security and governance need to keep up, so the smart players are also accelerating these aspects of their SOA environments.

Second, the acceleration of SOA security and governance programs creates issues of its own. While, the rapid infrastructural changes created by growth in SOA and Cloud adoption certainly need to be managed and security must be enforced consistently, acceleration of security and governance raises a number of tricky questions, which I endeavoured to tackle in my talk:

  • How do you manage the implementation of SOA security and governance without slowing down your organisation?
  • How will your SOA remain operational as it evolves?
  • How can you deliver APIs quickly while enforcing perimeter security and integration?

I got some very interesting feedback on my answers at the forum and I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more from the online community!

Accelerating SOA Security and Governance

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