March 7th, 2012

Layer 7 at the Entertainment Technology Center

Entertainment Technology CenterContent is king – again. After years struggling to regain a foothold under the gale of new Internet technologies, content producers are once again finding their footing. With the popularization of smart TVs, smart-phones and the iPad (the ultimate content consuming device), content has found itself back at the center of the consumers’ entertainment universe.

For content producers, the ability to make content available across devices and through online distribution partners is dependent on opening up the content and associated metadata via APIs. Sometimes these content streams and supporting materials are just opened to select groups of partners. Sometimes this same content is additionally exposed to public app developers, so that they can build the latest and greatest apps around the content.

In either case, because of the explosion in app-driven smart devices and the APIs that connect them, content producers are able to develop new ecosystems, open new revenue streams and build new customer relationships.

That’s why Layer 7 is excited to have been invited to present at the Entertainment Technology Center’s quarterly Mega Session, tomorrow in LA. Coming on the heels of the latest iPad launch, our presentation on new API-driven distribution models couldn’t be more timely.

March 5th, 2012

Layer 7 at RSA Conference 2012

RSA Conference 2012The 2012 RSA Conference is now over and as many journalists rightly noted this year’s show was as much about opening up the enterprise to the outside as it was about closing the enterprise from the outside. With the acceleration of Cloud adoption and the rapid growth of tablet and smart phone inside the enterprise, the need to manage how information is shared out securely has never been greater. To this end, Layer 7 gave two talks at RSA in addition to two workshops and a sponsorship of Cloud Security Alliance Conference around this general theme.

The two talks given by Layer 7 staff at RSA included one focused on access best practices for APIs called Enterprise Access Control Patterns for REST & Web API and the other focused on the threat implications of Open APIs called Hacking’s Gilded Age — How APIs Will Increase Risk & Chaos. The first was delivered by Layer 7 Director of Solution Engineering Francois Lascelles. The second was delivered by Layer 7 CTO Scott Morrison. For those of you not able to have caught the talks live, we provide the slides below. Enjoy.


March 2nd, 2012

API Security for Mobile & Cloud – A Best Practices Workshop for Enterprises Hosted by Layer 7

We Secure APIsOn Monday February 27, 2012 Layer 7 hosted an exclusive workshop at RSA Conference in San Francisco at the trendy W Hotel. The audience was a group of IT professionals interested to learn more about API management as it relates to mobile and Cloud security.

There was an hour of networking before the presentations started, during which lunch was served. The room filled quickly. As this was an exclusive event, seating was limited. By the time the first presenter had started, it was standing room only.

Layer 7 CTO Scott Morrison hosted the event, which featured guest speakers Caleb Sima and Rag Ramanathan. The workshop provided insight into API security and management best practices for mobile and Cloud.

More and more enterprises are looking to API publishing as a way of exposing their data to partners and external developers building mobile apps and Cloud services. But this inevitably creates serious security concerns.

So the aim of the workshop was to address the issue of API security for mobile and Cloud, with three presentations. The slides from these presentations are embedded below.

Caleb Sima: Open APIs – Security for Mobile & the Cloud

A look at what’s driving new Internet-facing organizations to open up information through APIs, plus a discussion of the implications for application security.

Rag Ramanathan: Securing & Governing Cloud APIs

A look at why APIs matter in the Cloud and the unique security challenges Cloud APIs create.

Scott Morrison: API Security & Management Best Practices

A look at the high-level considerations for controlling, metering and monitoring APIs from test through to production.

March 1st, 2012

Layer 7 at the Hollywood IT Summit

Hollywood IT SummitThis week, at Mobile World Congress, I got to see firsthand how mobile and Cloud are transforming the distribution of content. People want to consume entertainment on four screens: TV, PC, smartphone and tablet. They want their watching, listening, gaming and reading experiences to be 100% portable. They want instant, on-demand access to content. They sometimes want to own the content but they sometimes prefer to rent or subscribe. These changes in how end-users want to consume content are demanding a rethink of how entertainment producers deliver this content.

Cloud and APIs figure prominently in enabling entertainment producers to deliver content anytime, anywhere. APIs allow producers to expose content and associated metadata to “apps” that can be delivered via any smart device, including a TV. Similarly, Cloud computing creates the promise of instant content delivery to any device, on-demand. But for the content producer, exposing content from the Cloud, over APIs, across the Internet, to a mixed universe of internally and externally-built apps that may live on TVs, PCs, tablets or smartphones creates challenges around security and management.

Layer 7 offers solutions for entertainment producers and distributors who need to secure and manage content delivered from the Cloud, over APIs, to apps. That’s why, this Friday, Layer 7 will be exhibiting at the Hollywood IT Summit. If you happen to be attending, stop by the booth or catch Layer 7’s Steve Loscialpo giving a talk called Simplifying Content Distribution Across Mobile & Cloud Using API Management. Here are the event details:

  • Hollywood IT Summit – Friday, March 2, 2012
    Pepperdine University, Malibu Campus, Los Angeles – Register here